Workbench 130

Workbench 130

Description: The Workbench 130 from Alfako is a reliable and functional solution for any challenging work environment, such as workshops or factories. This sturdy workbench is designed for heavy-duty use, offering durability and versatility.

The workbench top, with a total thickness of 40 mm, made from a combination of chipboard (22 mm) and MDF (18 mm), provides a smooth and stable surface ideal for assembly work. The legs, made of 1.5 mm steel profile, form an 'H' shaped structure, ensuring additional stability. The whole is coated with a durable grey paint, further enhancing resistance to heavy use.

The adjustable height of the bench (from 740 to 995 mm) allows customization to individual user needs, contributing to improved work ergonomics. Various accessories such as drawers, tool panels, cabinets can be attached to the bench, increasing its functionality and helping to maintain order.


  • Adjustable height: 740-995 mm
  • Width: 790 mm
  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Weight: 66,25 kg


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The Workbench 130 from Alfako is an ideal choice for professionals looking for a reliable and sturdy workbench that can meet the toughest tasks and facilitate work organization.

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