Transport Trolley 110

Transport Trolley 110 Strong and Versatile - Ideal for Heavy Loads


  • Wheels: Two pneumatic wheels of 260 mm diameter, gentle on floors and leaving no marks.
  • Material: Made of powder-coated steel for enhanced durability.
  • Load Capacity: Maximum load capacity up to 250.00 kg.
  • Construction: Practical and durable, made of powder-coated steel tubes.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 1115 mm
    • Width: 385 mm
    • Depth: 205 mm
    • Weight: 13.20 kg

Description: The Transport Trolley 110 is a versatile and practical solution for transporting heavy loads, with a maximum capacity of 250 kg. Equipped with two full rubber pneumatic wheels, which operate quietly and smoothly on roller bearings, ensuring easy maneuvering and floor safety. The solid powder-coated steel construction guarantees long-lasting durability.

Ideal for use in warehouses, workshops, and other industrial spaces, the trolley offers comfortable handles and a fixed transport platform. Its compact dimensions and lightweight design make storage and maneuvering easy, even in tight spaces.

Important Customer Information:

  • Availability: Sales conducted by Alfako company on various online platforms. For urgent purchases, please contact the customer service department.
  • Delivery Time: Normally up to 3 working days when the product is in stock. If the product is out of stock, the delivery time may extend to 4 weeks.

Choose the Transport Trolley 110 for a reliable and efficient solution for transporting heavy loads.

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